About MEMI

When MEMI, the Magazine for Electronic Music on the Internet, launched its services as one of the first German e-zines in 1994, nobody believed that it would once become the most extensive portal on electronic music (EM) in Germany.

Today, MEMI is much more than just a fanzine. Everything that is essential for a content provider in the new millenium can be found at MEMI: the latest news, reviews, discussion forums, online auctions, CD productions as well as personalized services and WAP sites. Thus, it isn't surprising that MEMI is known and popular with fans, musicians and the music business.

To meet the needs of both, EM listeners and producers, MEMI is divided into the sections MEMI and MEMI-Makers.
MEMI is dedicated to traditional EM which is represented by musicians like Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream since the late 60s of the last century. Nowadays, they are recognized as the founders of the so called "Berlin School". Despite this premise, MEMI of course doesn't ignore the numerous spin-offs either, such as Ambient, Techno and House music. MEMI offers news, concert reviews and interviews with the artists. Apart from that, there are discussion forums, address databases and a "flea market" for CDs.

Another highlight is the yearly MEMI-CD hiddentreasures on which EM newcomers can present their work. Played by various EM stations in Europe, hiddentreasures vol.II was elected CD of the month by German Keyboards mag (issue 11/98) and CD of the year by the schallwende EM magazine. That's good chances for all who want to reach a bigger audience with their music...

For general questions on MEMI, please send an e-mail to info@memi.com. Questions about MEMI-Makers can be asked under makers@memi.com. Of course, you can contact the people behind MEMI directly as well:

Dipl.-Inform. Rainer Buchty
MEMI co-ordination, programming, technical administration, hard- & software development.
Dipl.-Inform. Martin Rothhaar
co-ordination MEMI-Makers, marketing/distribution, hiddentreasures-project, graphics/design
Christian Baum
co-ordination Equipment & Recording, translations, sound programming
Thomas Polaschek
programming, technical administration, sound programming
Dipl.-Inform. Frank Korf
programming, technical administration, software development
Sylvia Sommerfeld
news, concert dates

If you prefer the traditional way of communication, you're welcome to contact us under:

Postfach 40 04 61
D-80704 München
Telephone +49.89.15979-309
Telefax +49.89.15979-407

Have fun with MEMI!

Yours, the MEMI-Team.